Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

First off, these little shits are not good for you. Don’t let the tomato fool you. Also, they are ADDICTING. They’re also a pain in the ass to make. Have I convinced you yet? Good, let’s go. Ingredients: -Carton Cherry Tomatoes (fully ripe and clean) -1/2 cup mayo -1/2 package regular bacon, cooked and chopped … Continue reading Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Jackie Jackie Sauce

Last night I made dinner the way I usually do when we don’t have a Blue Apron to make. I chose a protein and made it up as I went along. However, I knew this dinner would turn out great because unlike most nights, I wasn’t really concerned with fat and sodium content (Gasp! get … Continue reading Jackie Jackie Sauce

The Benefits of Copper

Copper mugs aren’t just for hipsters anymore kids.There are actual health benefits to using copper in your everyday life, including prevention of aging, energy production, increased production of red blood cells, reduced cholesterol, relief of arthritis, assistance in the balancing of thyroid, and more. According to Medical News Today, the recommended daily intake of copper … Continue reading The Benefits of Copper