Summer Corn Chowder

What you’ll need:
+Fresh corn (5-6 husks, cut corn from cob)
+2 tbsp butter (I use avocado oil butter)
+1 c cheddar cheese 
+1 white onion chopped
+1 chopped jalapeño seeds removed
+5 slices thick cut bacon chopped (I used applewood)
+1 c heavy cream (or alternative such as coconut cream)
+Salt and pepper
Additional options:
-chopped chives
-smoked paprika
-shredded chicken
Heat large skillet to medium heat
Sauté chopped onion and chopped bacon until bacon is crispy, add jalapeño
In a blender combine 2/3 of the corn and heavy cream. Then PULSE a couple times (DO NOT BLEND or you’ll have corn butter). Add to onion and bacon and combine with cheese and rest of corn until completely melted and heated through. Add optional additions and enjoy hot! (Jay also had the genius idea of using this as a dip, just add more cheese!)

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