Juicing : How Healthy Is It?

The juicing craze has hit an all time high, and while there are numerous benefits to consuming fresh pressed juice it is important to remember that you should always research and consult with your physician before diving in head first to any type of dietary adjustment.

  • While juice cleanses sound like a healthy, natural way to cleanse your system. Your body and metabolism need actual food. So my suggestion is to stick to a juice cleanse 3 days or less. Personally a one day juice cleanse is enough for me.
  • Food contamination is always a risk when using raw fruits and vegetables so be sure to research the source of your produce and ALWAYS make sure to clean them properly (use a mixture of water, vinegar and lemon juice to thoroughly clean without altering the flavor)
  • Juices can cause an upset stomach and a rise in blood sugar due to the fiber removal during juicing and the indigestible sugar, sorbitol, that is found in some fruit. To see how your body reacts to these possibilities, test a small amount of each blend before consuming a full 16 oz size.
  • They contain more calories and sugar than you may expect and cause weight gain. Replacing solid food with juice may cause you to consume more calories in juice than you would in food because it’s less satiating, so be aware of the ingredients in the juices you are consuming and adjust your diet and intake accordingly.

Xx Jill


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