Follow Friday : 5 Health Blogs

I’ve recently come to realization that the changes I’ve been making in my lifestyle have begun to greatly effect friendships and my social life. Although I know I can’t (and quite frankly, don’t want to) change the lifestyles of those around me, it can be pretty difficult to stay on track when your social invitations begin to dwindle because you’re trying to separate yourself (just a little!) from the party life. Alas, even if your friends and family aren’t being 100% supportive of your changes, you are doing this FOR YOU.

If you feel yourself starting to slip from your 2017 healthy lifestyle, no fear, there are plenty of resources to help keep you on track. Here are some links to some awesome blogs focused on becoming the best version of yourself through a healthy lifestyle.


avo obsessed cause, AVO! keepin it real simple yet soooooo damn flavorful with this avocado oil mayo from @sirkensingtons which is a bit addicting.. I'm not a mayo girl like I've said before, but this one's got Aj and I HOOKED! enough ranting recipe coming soon.. on ze blog 😎 
I like sayin that 🤔🤓
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#shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats #sirkensingtons #feedfeed



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xx Jill


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Will look into these blogs to help stay fit this year! Thank you

  2. Thank you for this! I just got back into my fitness game and will definitely be checking these out !

  3. Chelsea keller says:

    I LOVE shutthekaleup. You should check out positively Megan on Instagram, she is a great person! I love healthy blogs, now I just have to be healthy lol!

  4. Alejandra says:

    Great respurces! It’s super hard when your friend invite you out to eat and you’re tryin to eat well.

  5. Can’t wait to delve deeper into the Blogs!

  6. Bookmarked all these to look into! Getting on the health and fitness bandwagon and I need all the help I can get.

  7. Sheryle Sage says:

    I totally agree about the friend issue when attempting lifestyle changes. Sometimes you have to change, or add to, your “cast.” I recently addressed this in a post on my wellness blog. Congrats to you for making positive changes!

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