Last Minute Gifts : Amazon

I’m proud to say I did not step foot in a mall this holiday season. I’m proud because crowds and lines and people with crappy attitudes ruin my holiday spirit.

You know what boosts my holiday spirit? Shopping online in my pajamas watching Real Housewives. So that’s exactly what I did. But, since it’s only a few days until Christmas, we’re getting a little limited on the sites that can promise delivery on time. But there is always be my forever faithful Amazon Prime.

Here’s a few last minute ideas in case you’re REALLY struggling. (And no, you cannot get them a gift card)

For your man

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For your dad

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For your bestie

Product Details

For your brother

For your sister

Product Details

For the in-laws

Product Details

For the little ones

Product Details

xx Jilll


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the idea of doing all my shopping online, braving the mall this time of year is the worst. Do you get the feeling Amazon is going to completely take over retail? Great post!

  2. Emma says:

    I love how you shared this days leading up to Christmas! I’m sure this will be helpful for anyone shopping for last minute gifts!

    xo, emma

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