Contrasting Decor

When I first moved to Florida right out of college, I painted every room in my house a different color. All earth tones, deep reds, light browns, creamy off-whites… and it never felt quite right. After years of making slight changes I realized the way I was decorating was completely the opposite of my personality. I like things black and white. I like things organized. So now I decorate with more purpose, buying things that I know will have a place and will compliment what is already present in that space. Just because something matches doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in the space. Currently, the majority of the walls in our home at stark white with black or gold wall decor and pops of color from accents such as throws, books, etc. Shutterbean is a fantastic blogger who fills her home with contrast and it absolutely beautiful, the photo below is of her home kitchen.


Here are some more inspirations for contrasting decor with pops of color

Around the House - Summer 2016 on



Baya Lumbar Pillow:

Un escalier rafraîchi par du papier peint noir et blanc - DIY : relooking déco avec du papier peint - Côté



xx Jill


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