The Benefits of Copper

Copper mugs aren’t just for hipsters anymore kids.There are actual health benefits to using copper in your everyday life, including prevention of aging, energy production, increased production of red blood cells, reduced cholesterol, relief of arthritis, assistance in the balancing of thyroid, and more.

According to Medical News Today, the recommended daily intake of copper supplements is 900 micrograms for adolescents and adults. I personally don’t take a copper supplement, but I’ve replaced some daily items (mainly plastic) with copper items just to get some health benefits and try to avoid unnecessary toxins and chemicals.  Although studies are still being conducted to conclude long term benefits, copper has been proven to assist the digestive system, kill bacteria and help with inflammation.

Copper Water Bottle $21

Traveller's 100 % Pure Copper Water Bottle for Ayurvedic Health Benefits | Jo...

Copper Yoga Cup $7

100% Pure Copper Handmade Ayurveda health Yoga Glass Cup for Drinking Water

Copper Tongue Scraper $9

10x Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner Oral Hygiene Keeps Germs Away- FREE SHIPPING

Copper Infused Pillowcase $60


xx Jill


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