Getting Outdoors

I live in Florida and I hate being hot. I know that sounds ridiculous but ask any of my friends, I am always in the shade or the air conditioning. But the problem is, I do love being outside. I’m originally from Upstate New York, so besides a two week period in the middle of the summer, it typically doesn’t get too crazy hot up there. I’m still getting used to the crazy hot humidity and bath water warm water in Florida (who am I kidding, I’m never going to get used to it) but I’m trying to find ways to get outside and enjoy myself instead of waiting until fall and spring when the temps are perfect for camping and fishing.

My favorite way to be outside? (and probably Colton’s too) BREWERIES. Almost every brewery in our area is at least half “outside” with open yards, games, live music and of course, good beer.

Crooked Thumb Brewery in Safety Harbor, FL

Bike Rides are perfect for summer mornings and late evening. It can get a little toasty in the middle of the day if there isn’t a breeze. Also great is taking the pups for a long walk, bonus points if it’s to a local beach/lake where they can jump in.

Booze Cruise/Boat Rides

I’m not talking about spending all day out on the water which I also love to do but always end up BURNT to shit and can’t move for a week so early evening boat rides with a tumbler of vodka soda are definitely a fantastic choice.

Markets / Food Trucks / Festivals

These types of things are typically more of an option if you live in a highly populated area but they seem to be becoming more and more popular around the country. Here in the Tampa area we have one almost every day. Buying local and being outside is a win-win.

Picnic or outdoor gathering with family and friends

Most of my family is in the Northeast but I love having some friends over for a BBQ and maybe some beer pong? Hey, I may not be in college anymore but I can still defend my title, right?

xx Jill


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