Saying Thanks (it’s not that hard)

I remember, when I was much younger, always seeing my Dad go out of his way to help people. Especially elders, whether it be holding the door for someone or helping them to their car. I think the reason it always stood out to me was, not only the fact that he wanted to help these people he didn’t know, but the reaction he always got from them; the surprise that someone they didn’t know wanted to help them and the way their faces would light up and say “THANK YOU!”.

I bring this up because 1. I rarely see people go out of their way for others anymore and it makes me a little disgusted 2. I rarely hear anyone say “Thank you”. It doesn’t bother me because I want to be rewarded for “good behavior”, because Lord knows it bothers me even more when I see someone else do something nice and not be acknowledged. I mean, just say thank you, it’s not that hard. Also, when someone is kind enough to let you in front of them in traffic, please give the little wave because again, it’s not that hard.

As a child, my parents always told my brother and I to send thank you cards after receiving a gift or a friend’s parent taking us on a trip. Even now, my boss likes us to send thank you cards to clients, businesses, etc. I’m hopeful that the thought of a hand written thank you is not dead, but I’m becoming more and more aware of just how rare it is. As I get older and start to think about having my own kids, it frightens me to think that my kids won’t even bother to send a thank you text, let alone take the time to send a hand written note.

SO, stop being lazy and check out the crazy talented artists on Etsy to find cheap and creative ways to thank people and restore my faith in humanity. I found the ones pictured here on Kitty Meow Boutique‘s Shop.


xx Jill


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