Favorite Places: Clearwater, Florida

Guys. Seriously. Stop going to the same places all the time. Whether it’s where you live or when you go on vacation to the same places. You don’t need to go to the same restaurant every single time you go to New York City just because it was good the first time you went there. There are 7 billion other places to go! (I have no idea how many restaurants there are in New York City, but there are certainly enough that you never really need to go to the same place twice).

I get it, you love the owner, they make the best chicken parm ever. Blah Blah. Okay so go there once and then go find some new places! I have so many friends (that I love very dearly) that drive me INSANE because they continue to go to the same places for drinks and food every. single. weekend. I am an adventurer. A discoverer. I have wanderlust.

I am also poor. Therefore I stick to finding awesome places within driving distance of my home in the Tampa area. But trust, there are some gems out there kids.

Here is a list of my favorite places to eat, drink, shop and people watch in Clearwater, Florida. If you have some that you love, PLEASE let a girl know.

Favorite places for dranks


Carmel Kitchen and Wine Bar : I love a server that knows a thing or two when you ask them what kind of drink to order.


Lucky Dill : go on Thursday. Trust me. At night. Because, if you’re a female, you drink FOR FREE. And if you’re a male, you don’t have to pay for your girlfriends 5 glasses of $7 wine. WIN WIN.


Favorite places for eats


Whistle Stop : and get the pork tacos because I always get pork tacos and unless you’re a vegetarian, you should too. They also have a great mixed drink selection. Also, this place is actually in Safety Harbor but let’s not get technical.


Ocean Blue Sushi : I’ve been eating here for years, and there’s only one other sushi place that I like as much as Ocean Blue. They have great prices and wonderful, friendly service.


Villa Bellini Restaurant and Lounge : If you’re looking for a nicer place to go out, Villa Bellini is not only beautiful inside and out but the I’ve loved everything I’ve ever ordered off their menu. And I always get the arugula salad. SO good.

Favorite places to spend money I don’t have 


Warren’s : this little boutique on Sunset Point in Clearwater is perfect if you’re looking for a gift for your best friend/mom/sister/yourselfffff. If you sign up for their emails they will let you know when they’re having a sale or an event (like drinking wine and shopping kind of event, WOOT).

Favorite places to stare at people


Pierce Street Market : I am fully and completely addicted to farmer’s markets and vendor markets. I actually feel really bad for Colton.


Frenchy’s Tiki Pavilion at Brighthouse Field : You do not have to like baseball to sit at a bar at a baseball field and have fun. Remember that. It’s a life lesson.


Got some favorite places in Clearwater? Lemme know! More favorite places coming soon!

xx Jill


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