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Finding legitimate wellness advice on the internet has become quite the task. It worries me when I see people sharing random “health tips” on Facebook without even glancing to see if the source is legit. ALWAYS look to see who published the post and ALWAYS ask your physician before starting a new diet or fitness regimen, especially if you’ve had health issues in the past.

Here are some links that I love for health and wellness advice that are legitimately sourced and tested by yours truly (but still ask your doc of course).

Tara Stiles


Follow her on Insta, visit her site, buy her book. She has GREAT tips on living a healthy lifestyle.

Kris Carr


Follow her on Insta, visit her site, buy her book, and definitely try her smoothie recipes, they are AMAZING.



This site has really developed into a highly researched wellness source of information. The items sold on the site tend to be fairly highly priced but if you’re looking for reliable information, it’s a great place to start. Follow them on insta and check out GP’s many books.

Kimberly Snyder

Reading Kimberly’s books will seriously change the way you think about importance of what you’re putting in your body and on your skin. She is a certified nutritionist and her books are seriously informative. Check them out here, or check out her site and insta.

The most important thing about preparing to change your lifestyle is to be informed. Read, read, read and ask questions! And don’t try to take on too much at once. Completely altering you fitness routine and the way you eat all at once will be overwhelming, exhausting and expensive! Do a little at a time for long term results.

Have a favorite health and wellness source? Comment and let me know!

xx Jill


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