Review: Scentbird

I don’t know about you but I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to choosing a fragrance. I don’t like anything too floral and I’m not a fan citrus. I don’t want anything too too musky. I spend hours in front of the fragrance wall in Sephora.

Over the years I’ve gone back to a few trusty scents but I recently discovered a great way to find new fragrances without having to fork over $100+ on an entire bottle. Scentbird a monthly subscription to sample over 450 different scents. I’m a fan. I took the survey on their site and they recommended a bunch based on my answers. I ended up choosing Cartier Braiser Vole. It’s the perfect scent for spring.


The best part about the travel size vial they send you is the spritzer. I’m not a fan of roller ball fragrances at all (because to be honest, they hardly ever work and they’re not really a great deal when you do the math), but this vial sprays better than most actual perfume bottles. Best of all, if you decide to purchase a full size bottle of a scent you try, your monthly subscription price of $14.95 can be used towards your purchase!


If you’re interested in trying it out use code TMT15 for 15% off your first month ; )

xx Jill


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