Review: Blue Apron Delivery

My mom started using Blue Apron a few months ago and has been RAVING about it ever since. She kept telling me I should try it and I kept saying no because A. she’s my mom and I don’t like to do what she tells me to and B. I’m a HUGE food snob so I felt like using a delivery service was cheating somehow.

She finally broke me down. Well, actually she sent me a free box so I kind of felt like an idiot saying no again.


We love it.

Colton was also a little skeptical at first because he loves my cooking and we didn’t even know how to pronounce some of the recipes. But we love it because there is no food waste! I really hate to admit it but we waste way too much food. We have good intentions. I go to the local market and buy a bunch of food and time gets away from us and we end up stopping at a close restaurant on our way home and some of the food just never gets eaten. The other thing we love about Blue Apron is that most of the recipes are things we’ve never had before, like this soup with Mexican flavors. It’s vegetarian and Colton almost didn’t even notice. Almost.


At $59.00 for 3 meals, you really can’t go wrong. Most of the meals take roughly 40 minutes to make and they really do make the recipes foolproof. I highly suggest trying it out since you can cancel at any time.

xx Jill


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