Spring Must Haves: Save or Splurge

A lesson that I have learned over time is when to spend and when to save when shopping for clothing and accessories. This lesson came after spending a good part of my early twenties spending a lot of money on a lot of crap that I’d never wear and would spend way too long on my credit card bill (insert crying emoji here). I will save you the trouble of going through my hard lessons by telling you splurge sparingly and go for the deals almost every single time. I still have a tough time with clearance racks though, because, let’s be honest, as I have always said, it’s there for a reason. However, when it comes to the good sales and the decently priced stores, have at it.

HATS : Lately, the best place for trendy hats has definitely been Forever21. I’d say, unless you have the funds, you should look for a good deal when buying a hat for two reasons. One, it’s easy to lose them. A lot of people tend to take hats off when they get to restaurant or if it’s too windy outside and it’s very easy to forget you brought it with you. Two, they can be ruined fairly easily. This is especially true for straw hats which don’t have any give and get broken and torn.


BAGS : This one can be tricky. I think it depends on what kind of use you will get out of the bag. If you change bags often, like to match your outfit or you have a necessity for a long of different sizes, I don’t suggest spending a whole lot of money on them. But if you use the same bag for pretty much everything, there are some quality bags with a higher price tag that can truly be a workhorse and get you from day to night without compromising style. Lately I’ve been a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff. Her bags are super fun and bonus! come with a ton of compartments to keep you organized.


JEANS/SHORTS : Always splurge. You want to buy good quality denim because when you don’t, it’s obvious. Higher quality denim is made to fit you better with fabric that lasts and holds it color. Not only that but the places where you buy high quality denim have sales associates that are trained to help you find the best fit for your body. I don’t mean go buy a $300 pair of jeans if you can’t afford it. American Eagle makes a great pair of jeans. My favorite brand is Paige Denim.




SHOES : Save and splurge. Shoes are kind of the opposite of bags. You don’t want to spend a whole lot on shoes if you plan on wearing them every single day because they won’t last. Especially if you do a lot of walking around outside. Definitely spend the money for real leather, since they’ll be more comfortable. When it comes to flat sandals, you can pretty much go whichever way you want. I tend to gravitate towards neutral styles like Tory Burch when it comes to summer shoes. Nordstrom always carries a great variety of styles and brands at all price points.



When in doubt, leave the store, close the browser and think about it for an hour or a day. If you can’t stop thinking about it, go for it, you only live once 😉

xx Jill


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