Favorite Places: St. Petersburg, FL

I’m excited to start a new segment about my favorite places! Since I work in St. Pete, it seems like a pretty good place to start.

Since I moved to Florida over five years ago (holy crap), St. Pete has grown quite quickly and is really seeing a boom in retail, business and restaurants.

Let’s start with shopping, because… shopping. I certainly enjoy the chain retailers that have popped up, such as Lululemon, but I really love to support local business. Especially when the local business is owned by rockstar women like Ashe Couture Boutique is. This shop is incredibly cute and the owner is hands down one of the sweetest people. Follow the shop on instagram to see new merchandise on a regular basis.

Ashe Couture Boutique





If you’re a part of the juice craze like I am (usually an attempt to recover from a hangover) there are a TON of juice bars in St. Pete. My favorite is Soho Juice on 4th. They will let you sample and actually know the benefits of the blends. They also have a pretty bomb raw Caesar salad.

Soho Juice Company


There are a million new restaurants in St. Pete popping up every day and pretty much all of them are good. One of the best places to go for a low key meal with friends is Casita Taqueria. They have cute décor, a big outdoor space and everything is decently priced. Get the flautas. You’re welcome.

Casita Taqueria


Clearly the most important thing here is the best place to go out for some drinks so let’s do the damn thing. I could tell you to go to Ferg’s for cheap drinks at a sports bar, or Canopy for drinks with an AH-MAZING view but I’m not going to because I actually care about having a drink that TASTES good. Therefore, go to Cask and Ale and get the 1773 or the Maple Old Fashioned and tell them Katrina and Jill sent you. (It won’t mean anything to them but you can still tell them I guess). If you’re more of a beer person, head to Green Bench Brewery. They almost always have a food truck there, which is reason enough for going, but the beer is top notch and there is a cute outdoor area to sit and have a tasting flight.

Green Bench Brewery



xx Jill


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  1. Billheyen@yahoo.com says:

    Sorry for you that Lululemon closed.

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