6 Apps You Need to Download Now


I used to use MyFitnessPal but certain things about the app bothered me. Lifesum is easier to use and also offers different meal ideas each day. You can also use it with Fitbit or Applewatch.


If you feel like you haven’t been spending enough time on the things that are important to you, this app will remind you to take time for those things. Simply choose how often you’d like to be reminded to take to the time to read a book, or go for a run and it will send you a gentle reminder to do so.


I should warn you that this is a highly addicting shopping app. But, it is a good one. The app allows you to “follow” people with similar taste and style so you can find items you might have otherwise missed. You can also make lists of items to save.


Ew, finances. Alas, it’s a necessity and this app will give you a quick overview of where your money is going and how well you’re handling it. The truth hurts but it’s time to stop ignoring it!


You can continue to buy wine based on how pretty the bottle is (like I usually do), or you can use this app to find a wine that’s actually good in your price range. (I vote do both)

Sleep Better

Turn this on before you lay down to get some sleep and program the time you’d like to wake up. The app will record your sleep pattern and will also wake you as you’re naturally waking up. (It won’t let you oversleep, there is a time frame for it wake you)


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