How To: Stay Organized During the Holidays

5 Ways to Keep Your Cool During The Busiest Time of Year

Photo Source - Pinterest

  1. Start Early (But not TOO early) : I always hear friends and family talking about how they buy holiday gifts all year round when things are on sale. That sounds like a fantastic idea, unless you don’t keep track of what you’re buying and how much you’re spending. I usually start in the beginning of November by making a secret Pinterest board with gift ideas and then keeping an eye out for sales.
  2. Keep your decor simple and classy : It is easy to overdo it on the holiday decor; you’re out at Target (aka The Black Hole) buying a new rug for your bathroom and you leave with a cart full of reindeer. Any time you see holiday decor and contemplate whether to buy it, ask yourself where it will go in your home, if it matches your other holiday decor and most importantly, where you will store it during the 10 months of the year you aren’t using it.
  3. Don’t commit to too many things : Trust me, your friends, family and co-workers understand that this is a busy time of year. You do not need to attend every single party you are invited to. Pick one a weekend (three tops) and wear something festive but comfortable.
  4. FOOD! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the market gets a tad busy during the holiday season. Try to plan ahead by looking up recipes online. It’s best to go to the store on a Tuesday or Wednesday (NO not the Wednesday before Thanksgiving crazyass). Sundays are the worst. Just make sure you shop ahead of time in case you miss something so you still have time to go grab it but not too soon that everything starts to wilt and spoil before you get started cooking.
  5. Most importantly, remember that even if everything else goes wrong, this time of year is about more than throwing the perfect party and baking the perfect pie. Put your phone down, take a breath and spend time enjoying these moments.


xx Jill


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