5 Reasons You Need To Give Yourself A Break


1. You’re not superwoman.

Women today carry so much weight on their shoulders, and sometimes its just impossible to get every little thing done. So cut yourself some slack. It’s okay if you don’t get to the laundry until tomorrow. It’s even okay if you have to wear a dirty pair of jeans…

2. It’s hurting your relationship.

Trying to be the perfect woman is not only stressful on you, but it is on your significant other as well. Constantly scrutinizing yourself doesn’t make you the most enjoyable person to be around. Men love a confident woman.

3. Other people can see it on your face.

Your friends and family can tell when you’re not at ease. When you take time out of your busy schedule to see them, try to regroup and tell yourself, in this moment, everything is fine. You can take care of things tomorrow but right now it’s just about having fun.

4. You can’t focus.

By constantly worrying about getting everything done, you’re stopping yourself from focusing on what you’re doing and probably just adding to the problem. Try to make a short list of things that need to get today. One step at a time. Then make another list tomorrow.

5. You’re more blessed than you realize.

Every time I feel like everything is going wrong in my life, I take a step back. Compared to the majority of people in the world, I am truly blessed and have far more than most. Force yourself to smile, think of good times with your family. You’ll feel the weight start to go away.

xx Jill


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