Loving Right Now


You know those people that have an amazing outfit or lipcolor on, and you ask them where they got it and they won’t tell you? I HATE THOSE PEOPLE. Well, hate is a strong a word; but they are rather rude. When I buy something and absolutely love it, I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. So, I’ve compiled a list of things I’m loving right now and where you can get them. I’d also love to know what everyone else is loving so feel free to comment or email me so I can check those out too!

Pictured above is my last haul from Ulta, some of which I’ve bought before and some are new. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is SUPER cheap and works amazing on my skin. I spray it on my face right after I shower in the morning and right after I wash my face at night, before any serums or moisturizers. I’ve really noticed a difference in the brightness of my skin. Too Faced Size Queen Mascara gives you long, feathered lashes, which I love so much more than thick, clumped lashes. Ew. Too Faced also just released this eye shadow compact with the perfect shades for hazel eyes, although I’m sure they’d look great with any eye color. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Shadow Collection doesn’t have a single color I won’t use, which is pretty rare in a pre-made compact. Tart Amazonian Clay 12 hr Blush in Dollface works well for a subtle color. I apply it before my foundation so it isn’t too bold. I typically don’t wear blush in the summer but since Florida has been crazy hot and humid and also raining like it’s going out of style, I’m actually quite pale this year. I’ve started using this concealer with SPF under my eyes (aging is so wonderful) from BareMinerals called Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 which I apply with a concealer brush after applying my day moisturizer and let it sit for a second before lightly blending. And then people think I’ve actually had a whole nights sleep…

I didn’t actually buy this Burberry Weekend perfume at Ulta, although you can get it there. I bought it Nordstrom Rack, which has designer perfumes and colognes at a discounted price. I also buy scents at TJ Maxx for the discounted price or Anthropologie for something different.


I’m obsessed with this planter I purchased at Home Depot last week. I was so surprised to find it there and at the price it was marked. The plant was gifted to me for a promotion a few years ago and was rapidly outgrowing the planter it was in previously.

B CardsI have business cards for TC finally! I had been putting this off for-ev-er. And I’m not quite sure why because it took 5 seconds on VistaPrint. I attend a lot of networking events and I typically only carried cards for my day job, but people would ask about my blog or side businesses and I never had the information to give them. Problem solved!

Cuban CookbookAs you know, I’m obsessed with cookbooks. I recently purchased PLENTY and The Cuban Table. The Cuban Table is very different from the food I typically cook. I am so excited to learn more about the culture of Cuba through the food I find in this book.

Tory ClutchThis Tory Burch “All T” Leather Phone Wallet has been my go-to all summer long. I can fit enough in it to not have to bring a bag but I can also throw it in a tote or my gym and be ready to go in two secs.

Gold Stella and Dot


I told you guys last week that I started selling Stella & Dot jewelry. My shipment came and this stuff is freaking amazing. I’m so exciting to wear it and sell it and share it with all my friends. Check it out! 


Camille Styles is literally everything I want to be. Her website and books are so inspiring. She puts so much thought into everything she does and it is always amazing and beautiful. I’ve been re-reading her book and am so inspired to throw dinner parties and birthday parties and cook and decorate. If you don’t already, you need to follow her on insta. Do it now.

xx Jill


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