Cookbook Review

I have a problem.

I cannot walk past a cookbook with a great cover design. It’s a sickness really. I caved in AGAIN today when I stopped to get a cold brew coffee and ended up buying Mr. Wilkinson’s Vegetables.


I’m not mad about it. It’s a beautiful book and I’ll most certainly make more than a few of the recipes. So for those of you who have the same addiction as mine, or may be looking for some new recipes, here are a few that I’ve acquired as of late.

Mr. Wilkinson’s Vegetables

Cover Design: Eh, not my favorite but it still caught my eye

Inside Design: BEAUTIFUL. I love the layout and it’s super easy to use

Overall: This cookbook is great if you’re looking for something to inspire you to cook more veggies. It introduces each vegetable, explains it’s background, how to grow it and how to cook it

Can’t wait to make: Spinach, Mustard Greens & Baked Ricotta Cheese



Cover Design: Artisanal? Whatever, I like it

Inside Design: Busy but informative. They packed A LOT of information into this book

Overall: I’ve used this quite a bit since I bought it as there are recipes for pretty much any occassion

Can’t wait to make: Sunchokes Au Gratin



Cover Design: Not my favorite

Inside Design: Simple, recipes are laid out well but the photos do not do them justice

Overall: Love the recipes but the book design needs work

Can’t wait to make: Shaved brussels sprouts with whole grain mustard sauce



Cover Design: Love it. My favorite of the four in this post. Plus the pages have a yellow and white polka dot design when the book is closed, which is adorable.

Inside Design: Laid out well with GORGEOUS photos. I’m terrified of baking but everything is explained in great detail.

Overall: I highly recommend this to anyone interested in baking OR if you need a beautiful gift for someone. (My cousin gifted this to me for Christmas)

Can’t wait to make: Powdered Sugar Beignets (followed by a 3 mile run…)


What are your favorite cookbooks? Let me know if you have any recommendations!

xx Jill


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