8 Things | The tailgating and camping edition


Anyone that knows me, know I LOVE tailgating. I don’t even really care what it’s for. Country concerts, football games, pretty much anything. And since I’ve been camping and tailgating pretty much since birth, I’ve got it down to science.

My 8 things to boost your Monday blues is dedicated to getting you ready for festival and camping season but just a few things first! Please check the weather, I know this should go without saying but going to music festival without rain boots and a poncho is asking for a miserable time. Secondly, BRING WATER. You’re not “too cool” to drink water during the day when every one is drinking every single alcoholic beverage in sight, you can’t see the show if you’re passed out. And if you’re camping you’ll most likely be doing physical activities all day and you’ll need something to brush your teeth with. Lastly, start your car once in a while and don’t lock your keys in it. It’s embarrassing, trust me.

NOW, on to the fun stuff.

1. This tailgate chair is the best thing EVER. Colton got me one last year (I’m actually sitting in it right now) with my name embroidered across the back.

2. A good cooler that will stay cold all day long.Yeti’s are notoriously expensive but they cost that much for a reason. Just remember to lock it in your car before you go into the show/game.

3. A durable pop-up, preferably one with zip sides in case it rains or you need to block the sun.

4. Unless you have a newer model car in which you can get regular outlets as an option, purchasing an inverter can be a Godsend. I use ours to tailgate for football games and cook with our crock pot. You can also use it to plug in speakers if your car speakers aren’t loud enough.

5. The top music festivals of 2015.

6. Beer pong, corn hole, cards… bring something with you to pass the time and make new friends!

7. As I said before, I love a good country concert tailgate. Check out this playlist for your next concert.

8. Check out this list of tailgating must haves (disclaimer: buzzfeed is a drug so it’s not my fault if you end up spending hours on this website).

We went to our first concert of the year yesterday but couldn’t actually tailgate because it was a Sunday afternoon and we had to work today (boo) but there are a ton of great music festivals in Florida this year so we can’t wait for our first one in April.

Happy Monday kiddos 🙂

xx Jill


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