8 Things to Boost Your Monday Blues

8 things

It has been raining here ALL DAY LONG. And it’s Monday. Woof. So, since I spend wayyyyy too much time online, I thought I’d help you guys waste some time as well. You’re welcome. I suggest making the wine spritzer and then going to the other links because, well, everything is more fun after a little wine, right?

1. This recipe for a white wine spritzer will brighten your Monday, no doubt.

2. Check out this amazing blog and her tips on how to build a BRUSCHETTA BAR. Yes, you’re welcome.

3. Follow these top models on Instagram for severe body and travel envy.

4. Amber Fillerup, of the blog Barefoot Blonde, has THE BEST hair tutorials. Check out how to do this awesome braid.

5. If you don’t already follow Annie Lawless on every single social media platform you can, then you should. She is my IDOL. Talk about a gorgeous girl who went out there and worked HER ASS OFF for what she wanted.

6. Guys, Hipster Puppies. Just go, now.

7. Organizing tips from Tracy “Shutterbean”. This girl makes me want to kick my OCD into overdrive so my house can look as awesome as hers.

8. Get your Valentine’s Day down now so you can have a blissful, stress free night.

I’m thinking of doing a post like this every Monday, so let me know what you think!

xx Jill


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