Gifts for your special guy

Gifts for him

Buying for your boyfriend/fiancé/husband/”friend” can be a NIGHTMARE. Especially for Valentine’s Day. Do you go romantic? Funny? Cute? I think it’s best to just try not to overthink it. That’s their job. After all, they really only care about on thing on Valentine’s Day and it’s not their new cologne. Also, don’t get them cologne, it’s so cliche.

So I’ve compiled some gift ideas for you in various price ranges. Take a look around these websites because there are some awesome finds.

1. Starting out with a funny gift (and slightly inappropriate so don’t get this if you’re having dinner with his parents, awkward.) This book from Kitson could actually end up being pretty fun.

2. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones are THE best headphones, and for whatever reason Beats by Dre headphones really bother me so get him these instead. He’ll want to make out with your face.

3. If he loves trying different beers, grab him one of these beer flight sets and buy some beers he hasn’t tried. Make sure they’re cold when you give it to him!

4. The man in my life swears by Johnston and Murphy dress shoes. If your guy has work shoes that he wear every. single. day. He’ll probably appreciate a shiny new pair.

5. Unique sunglasses because every guy ON THE PLANET has Oakleys.

Some other great ideas are a new bag for work, tickets to a game, a couples massage (trust me he wants one but doesn’t want to buy one for himself), or a monthly subscription to something like Birchbox Men.

Hopefully you’ve made you reservations by now if you’re going out, they fill up fast!

xx Jill


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