Sunny Day Essentials


I know. Don’t be upset. I understand that it’s snowing outside in many places all over the country. However, I live in Florida and I just got back from a trip to Cancun, so my mind is on the BEACH!

I have been a frequent beach-goer my entire life so I like to think I’ve become an expert when it comes to what you need to have a stress free beach day.

First of all, do NOT go SPF free. DON’T DO IT. I know, you want a tan, you don’t care if you burn. Well, you will care tomorrow and you will care in 20 years so just put some freaking SPF on. There are, of course, 1 TRILLION different kinds of sunscreen. I’m not a fan of spray on sunscreen because I’ve seen tragic spotting it causes and it’s not a good look on anyone. Plus half of it gets sprayed away by the wind while you’re applying it. My favorite sunscreen is Dream Screen by Benefit. It has the consistency of a light moisturizer and doesn’t have that strong smell.

I also use a hair protector since I have blonde hair and my highlights are extra sensitive. Living Proof Restore Instant Protection is great because you can use it before you style your hair in the morning and it lasts all day. So you don’t have to actually bring it with you. It’s also Jenn Anniston’s line and who doesn’t love her?

If you hate the sticky, sweatiness on your face while you lay in the sun, I suggest a water spritzer. You can just simply put a spray bottle in the cooler. I like Mac Prep and Prime spray because it’s actually a makeup finisher so if you do have a little makeup on it won’t mess it up. Just lightly spray your face and let it dry.

I don’t bring my entire wallet to the beach because leather/small compartments/a lot of zippers and sand don’t really mix all that well. I use a small pouch like the one pictured that I got free with a purchase.

I read possibly every magazine ever created but lately I love reading travel magazines. I recently got subscriptions to AFAR and Conde Nast Traveler.

I’ve had the same sunglasses for a veryyyyyy long time. So this past winter I purged my over the top collections of Ray Bans and Coach sunglasses by selling them on Tradesy and invested in the this pair of Karen Walkers. I LOVE THEM. It took me a while to get used to how oversized they are but the coverage is amazing and they go with literally everything I own.

The hat pictured here is Juicy Couture from a few years ago. I never go to the beach without some kind of hat, whether it’s my Geneseo Alumni cap or a fedora. Nordstrom has a great selection of stylish hats at every price point.

A large blanket/towel is something worth investing in. Of course any towel will dry you off, however if you’re going to be at the beach all day, you want something thats big enough for one or two people to sit and lay on, to eat your lunch, etc. A good brand for a large, quality towel is Vera Bradley. They are long enough for me to lay down completely (I’m 5’10”) and they dry fairly quickly.

Lastly, bring your camera/phone/tablet and a portable speaker. I’ve had the hardest time finding a speaker that has good sound quality and a long battery life so please let me know if you have suggestions! I usually end up throwing my iPhone in a Solo cup and calling it a day. There are also a TON of good apps to keep you busy if you don’t want to tote books or magazines with you. My current favorite apps are The Skinny Confidential and Keep.

Summer is coming so get excited and start getting ready early! I promise, online shopping for a new bikini will make you totally forget how cold it is outside…until you leave for work tomorrow:)

xx Jill


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