Spring Crushes


Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re almost halfway through the work week, you CAN DO IT. I personally, canNOT wait until the weekend because it’s supposed to warm up a little here in Florida. YAY! Anyways, a very close and dear friend of mine text me last night asking me to help find shoes for her wedding (can’t wait!). There are quite a few go-to shoe stores for me (because I have a weird obsession with all and every kind of shoe ever imaginable) but my immediate thought was Piperlime. As you can see by the items pictured above, I got a little distracted. I’ll get back to bridesmaid duties momentarily but first, all the things I love at Piperlime and probably shouldn’t buy but maybe, probably will.

1. THIS RING by Gorjana, who makes aMAZEing jewelry always and forever.

2. THESE SNAKE PRINT HEELS that literally go with everything.

3. When has Rachel Zoe ever steered you wrong? Seriously. THESE SANDALS.

4. THIS CLUTCH along with everything else Rebecca Minkoff makes.

5. In case you haven’t heard, MULES are back. They go with everything. (!)

6. THESE SUNGLASSES would make anyone look cool.

7. I want to wear THIS NECKLACE every day of my life.

8. Did your sunnies come in a huge bulky case? Get THIS CASE instead.

9. THESE ESPADRILLES are adorably cool.

10. THIS BAG is the perfect size to carry everything you need now that the weather is nice enough to walk!

11. Sneakers are everywhereeeee right now so find a pair that everyone and their mother doesn’t have, like maybe THESE.

Of course there are a million more amazing things on Piperlime and they always have great sales too. My favorite part of their site is how they show you how to style their items in different ways. Check it out (when you have hours upon hours of spare time).

xx Jill


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